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In recent years we have seen many cases of auto manufacturers losing both their reputation and goodwill when releasing a new model which does not match up to the competitor's standards. A good reputation takes many years to build but may be damaged by one single failure.

VW Polo full load performance
Rototest perform thorough analysis on more than 100 vehicles a year (with growing number each year). Our results are sold worldwide to help our customers keep their leading position and maintain the distance to their competitors.

Our laboratory is of industry standard and capable of measuring regulated and unregulated exhaust emissions and energy consumption over the engine's whole working range.

Ford Mondeo full load performance
The key feature in our laboratory is our ROTOTEST VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer, which can accurately measure micro as-well-as high performance production vehicles.

By using our extensive database (which holds hundreds of tested vehicles) we regularly report on our customers position in comparison to their competitors.

Rototest aim to supply auto manufacturers and others with up-to-date drive-train information about recent models and their performance compared to others.