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ROTOTEST® Accessories

Please find below a selection of various ROTOTEST® accessories:

Rototest Drive
The ROTOTEST® Drive™ enables vehicles with front- or rear-wheel drive to have all wheels at the same speed making it possible to test vehicles with performance limiting systems (i.e. traction control, stability control, etc).

A modularised and expandable data acquisition system integrated with ROTOTEST® chassis dynamometers, for measurement of pressures, temperatures and ambient condition.

Rototest DATOut
An analog data distribution system integrated with ROTOTEST® chassis dynamometers, for external logging of dynamometer data.

ROTOTEST Spot cooling fan
ROTOTEST® Spot cooling fan
Electrical radial fan (2.2 kW) on wheels for spot cooling, when extra cooling is needed.

ROTOTEST Exhaust extraction fan
ROTOTEST® Exhaust extraction fan
Electrical exhaust extraction fan (2.2 kW) for stationary use in test cell. Minimum exhaust extraction tube diameter 250 mm.

ROTOTEST Steel meshes for HCU
ROTOTEST® HCU Protecting steel meshes
Protects Hurricane Cooling Unit™, HCU during transport and handling. Recommended for portable use.

ROTOTEST Flat panel size upgrade
ROTOTEST® Flat panel size upgrade
Upgrades monitor to larger size.

ROTOTEST Wheel Adapters
ROTOTEST® Custom made wheel adapters
Custom designed wheel adapters with specific centre bore for perfect fit and minimal run out.

ROTOTEST Adapter bolts
ROTOTEST® Adapter bolts & nuts
ROTOTEST® precision shoulder nuts and bolts for attaching the ROTOTEST® wheel adapter to the vehicle wheel hub. The bolts and nuts are hardened for corrosion protection and long service life.