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Expandable to suit any need

Automation systems can be found in nearly any type of manufacturing site, whether it is the production of paper or the robotic assembly of cars they share the same dependence – a reliable automation system. One of the major players in supplying automation systems for the automotive industry carries a line of products that not only are extremely reliable but also completely modular. This fits perfectly with the concept of the ROTOTEST® Datacq™.

16-bit accuracy
Our customers appreciate our ability to deliver when it comes to accuracy why the analog measurement modules in the Datacq™ system have no less than 16-bit accuracy. Off the shelf data-acquisition systems normally come with 12-bit (or sometimes as low as 10-bit) but what to remember is that 16-bit results in not only a 33% better resolution (as the number of bits increase) but rather a 1600% increase in resolution!

The transmission of signals in industrial / engineering environments is very susceptible to interference. The Datacq™ is equipped with MCR modular converters from Phoenix Contact that avoid the distortion of signals caused by external interference. With accurate conversion, electrical isolation or adaptation of signals, they provide safe and trouble-free transmission quality, and thus quality of measurement circuits.

3-way Isolation

Measuring temperatures, converting or isolating analogue signals - no problem with the signal conditioning range available for the Datacq™. The converters provide state-of-the-art technology for extreme flexibility and maximum ease of installation and configuration. The super slim modules have true 3-way isolation and carry out their tasks with absolute precision and with negligible current consumption. This ensures perfect quality and a long service life. The hardware is also impressive with its minimum size it saves space and the low height allows installation in the small decentralized Datacq™ cabinet.

Ambient Conditions
Most engines are sensitive to ambient conditions when it comes to delivering performance. This is the reason it is necessary to monitor the ambient conditions when conducting tests as to be able to compare the tests with others done under different conditions. From the smallest to the largest ROTOTEST® Datacq™ system comes complete with a set of sensors to monitor ambient conditions quickly and reliably.
Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Sensor HMT100

Atmospheric pressure, Relative humidity, Ambient temp…
Installed inside the Datacq™ cabinet is a high precision atmospheric pressure sensor taking care of monitoring the pressure variations due to weather or altitude. The relative humidity and ambient temperature sensor included with the system fits conveniently on the side of the cabinet. The Vaisala, a company with 30 years of experience in industrial humidity, HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Sensor HMT100 are designed for humidity and temperature monitoring in demanding environments. The HMT100 incorporates Vaisala HUMICAP® technology that measures relative humidity accurately and reliably. Vaisala HUMICAP® is also resistant to dust and most chemicals. The sensor head can be removed to allow for measurement in air ducts or specific inlet systems.

Preconfigured systems
Even though multiple choices are good it might sometimes be a bit too much to choose from. If this is the case we have preconfigured two popular systems, one basic with only the most essential but potential to grow and one professional fully equipped to suit even the most demanding user. The specifications for the systems are found below.

Specification overview

Channel count Pre-configured R6 Pre-configured R21
Predefined 5 7
User definable (analogue) 1 8
User definable (T/C, type K) - 6
Predefined inputs (high precision sensors included)
Atmospheric pressure 800-1100 mbar 800-1100 mbar
Relative humidity 0-100% 0-100%
Ambient temperature -40 to +60°C -40 to +60°C
Inlet air temperature,
welded tip T/C, type K
0-280°C 0-280°C
Engine oil temperature,
welded tip T/C, type K
0-280°C 0-280°C
Inlet pressure - 0-5 bar abs
Engine speed input - Square wave 0/12 V 0.5 ppr

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