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The information below is republished with permission from Rototest Research Institute, RRI.

Powertrain Performance Graph also known as Dyno graph, Dyno curve, Dyno run, Dyno plot, Torque curve, Performance Curve, Power Graph and Power Curve are many names for essentially the same thing – a document stating how an engine or power train performs, in terms of producing power and torque, under a given condition. Rototest Research Institute has chosen to name professionally measured drive wheel torque and power to Powertrain Performance™ and name the document Powertrain Performance Graphs.

Professional Powertrain Performance Graphs since 1993
Rototest has conducted Powertrain Performance™ measurements for the creation of Powertrain Performance Graphs (Certificates of Performance) on regular basis since 1993. Although with widely spread clients, ranging from global automotive manufacturers to individual car owners, it is by far motor media, in Sweden and worldwide, that has been, and still is, the most frequent visitor to the fully equipped research laboratory.

ROTOTEST Chassis dyno
Rototest Research Institute has since the beginning exclusively used ROTOTEST 2WD and 4WD chassis dynamometers. It started with a ROTOTEST APG dynamometer and today the fifth generation, of the respected ROTOTEST chassis dynamometers, the ROTOTEST VPA-RX88, is being used. » More test information