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System Options & Accessories

The turn-key ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ Chassis Dynamometer system can be updated with several options and accessories to suit a specific application or requirement.

System Options
Climate Protection Enabled Option Enables use of ROTOTEST® Climate Protection Accessory.
Sound Insulation Enabled Option Enables use of ROTOTEST® Sound Insulation Accessory.
ROTOTEST® NVH Option Enables analysis of high speed torque signal for Noise, Vibration and Harshness.
HCU cooling upgrade Additional cooling elements for Hurricane Cooling Unit™, HCU to increase dynamometer cooling capacity and increase continuous power absorption capability.
Suspension shock-absorber upgrade (adjustable) Upgrades dynamometer suspension system with three way adjustable Ohlins shock-absorber.
Temperature range upgrade Extends operational temperature range down to 0 °C.
System Central Unit, SCU Options
Integrated Head Wind Enabled Option Enables connection of ROTOTEST® Storm™ electrical fan to simulate head wind.
Drive Enabled Option Enabled use of ROTOTEST® Drive™ Accessory.
SCU cooling upgrade Additional cooling capacity of System control Unit, SCU cabinet.
UPS capacity upgrade Upgrades the Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS for extended battery operation.
Flat panel display rack mounted on SCU cabinet Flat panel mounting for 2 monitors on top of System Central Unit, SCU cabinet.
Flat panel size upgrade Upgrades monitor to larger size.
SCU 4WD upgrade Upgrades a 2WD System Central Unit, SCU to 4WD.
SCU-dynamometer cable length extension Extended cable length for flexibility in positioning the System Central Unit, SCU.
ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Optional Test Modules
Road Load Simulation ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module that simulates road resistance caused by aerodynamic drag, tyre rolling resistance and road gradient.
Active Inertia™ ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module that enables simulation of vehicle inertia during positive accelerations. Requires ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module Road Load Simulation.
Transmission Package ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module that adds two additional test modes for individual speed or torque control of the dynamometers.
One Wheel Drive, 1WD ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module that allows tests to be conducted using a singe dynamometer units (one wheel).
Powertrain Inertia Detection™ ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module for detection of powertrain inertia at different gears.
Powertrain Inertia Correction™ ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module for correction of small variations in Steady Rate™ acceleration.
Magic Ratio Detection™ ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Test Module for detection of transmission ratios in manual transmissions.
ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Optional Modules
Calibration report ROTOTEST® DynoVison™ Report Module that documents all details relating to calibrating procedure.
Project Manager ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Report Module that documents time and operating time for specific projects.
CANOut™ Professional ROTOTEST® DynoVision™ Module that enables distribution of dyno data on a CAN bus (100 Hz). Used for example to connect dyno with ECU for analysis in ECU software. Used with isolated CAN-USB hardware interface.
ROTOTEST® Datmon™ Optional Modules
LogOBD™ ROTOTEST® Datmon™ Module that enable logging of generic signals from vehicles with On-Board-Diagnostic, OBD system. Use with Bluetooth OBD device.
DatCAN™ Professional ROTOTEST® Datmon™ Module that enable logging of data on a CAN bus (100 Hz). Used with Isolated CAN-USB interface. Used for example to display ECU data together with dyno data in ROTOTEST® Datmon™.
System Accessories
ROTOTEST® Climate Protection Extends operational temperature range to -30°C to +50°C.
Requires Climate Protection Enabled Option.
ROTOTEST® Sound Insulation Sound insulation covers for dynamometer units for low noise requirements such as in semi-anechoic chambers.
Requires Sound Insulation Enabled Option.
ROTOTEST® Calibration Weights Specially designed calibration weights for optimal result during dynamometer torque calibration.
ROTOTEST® WCC - Water Cooling Cube Water/Oil cooling unit that replaces the air-cooling system. Used in NVH applications to eliminate fan noise or to minimize power dissipation into the test cell.
System Central Unit, SCU 2WD Free standing System Central Unit, SCU. Enables for example a 4WD system to be used as two independent 2WD systems.
HCU Protecting steel meshes (pair) Protects Hurricane Cooling Unit™, HCU during transport and handling. Recommended for portable use.
Measurement & Connectivity Accessories
ROTOTEST® Datacq™ Data acquisition system. Completely modularized to suit any logging requirement.
Isolated CAN-USB interface Used in conjunction with CAN related modules.
Bluetooth OBD device Used in conjuction with OBD module.
Mounting Accessories
ROTOTEST® Wheel Adapters, slotted Slotted wheel adapters for easy fit in multi-car test production.
ROTOTEST® Wheel Adapters, multi-hole Long-life wheel adapters with multiple PCD patterns.
ROTOTEST® Wheel Adapters, custom designed Custom designed wheel adapters with specific centre bore for perfect fit and minimal run out.
ROTOTEST® Adapter Nuts and Bolts ROTOTEST® precision shoulder nuts and bolts for attaching the ROTOTEST® wheel adapter to the vehicle wheel hub. The bolts and nuts are hardened for corrosion protection and long service life.
Test Cell Accessories
ROTOTEST® Storm™ Electrical blower for head wind simulation of on-road conditions.
Requires Integrated Head Wind Enabled Option.
ROTOTEST® Drive™ Electrical hub units for syncronizing wheel speeds of non-driven wheels to driven wheels.
Requires Integrated Head Wind Enabled Option.
Spot cooling fan Electrical radial fan (2.2 kW) on wheels for spot cooling.
Exhaust extraction fan Electrical exhaust extraction fan (2.2 kW) for stationary use in test cell. Minimum exhaust extraction tube diameter 250 mm.