Change visitor typeROTOTEST VPA-RX Chassis Dynamometer - Safety features
Safety is always a priority when operating machinery independent of type. Due to the nature of testing, a completely risk-free environment in every aspect is normally not achievable to a reasonable cost. However, the ROTOTEST VPA-RX™ dynamometer concept, thanks to its design, eliminates many of the safety concerns normally experienced with traditional chassis dynamometers. This leads to an increased level of safety for surroundings, machinery and, most importantly, users.
  • No tyre explosions - Tyre explosions are rare but do happen on roller type dynamometers due to overload. Using a hub type dynamometer will eliminate risk for tyre explosions.
  • No tyre warranty issues - The use of the tyres in other ways than normal road use may void the tyre warranty - a hub type dynamometer will not.
  • No blocking of car doors - Rototest’s dynamometers are designed to give free passage through car doors when installed.
  • Stable - A negligible run-out together with a vertical reaction force (compared to horizontal reaction force seen of roller type dynamometers) gives a stable and low vibration test condition.
  • No oil fumes - The hydraulic ROTOTEST VPA-RX dynamometer system uses a sealed, pressurized system that generates no emission of hydraulic oil fumes and also allows it to be turned up-side-down without oil spill (imperative for commercial transports).
  • Safety approved - (CE marked) by a Swedish government organisation.