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A purchase of a true measurement™ HUBDYNO® chassis dynamometer is by all means a substantial investment. An investment that is likely to live with your business for years to come. The investment will work as a catalyst for increased competitiveness and business expansion.

If your ambitions in the automotive testing field are high, please beware of imitations of the Rototest chassis dynamometer concept claiming equal quality to lower price. The Rototest chassis dynamometer concept is unique and its qualities and capabilities is the results of continuous refinement of a Swedish technology invented in the mid-eighties. Every HUBDYNO®by Rototest chassis dynamometer that leaves our factory is the work and craftsmanship of highly skilled and specially trained personnel that take proud in delivering a truly one-of-a-kind dynamometer. Being the most productive and advanced chassis dynamometer available is reflected on its purchase price.

We know that an investment in a HUBDYNO® dynamometer may not be achievable for all business sizes. However, being an owner of a HUBDYNO® true measurement™ dynamometer will differentiate you from the crowded workshop community and most of your competitors will see their test equipment becoming obsolete. With a bit of hard work you have all possibilities to become The Tuner or The Race Car Specialist in your business region.

We have customers that have made full return on their dynamometer investment in less than a year. Not many other substantial investments can offer this. While the initial price is an important factor it is not the only factor depicting the Return On Investment (ROI). Other factors such as hidden initial costs or hidden running costs normally play a major part.

With a HUBDYNO® chassis dynamometer your statements of powertrain performance will be respected. HUBDYNO 1005You and your customers can compare performance statements with HUBDYNO® and other ROTOTEST® dynamometer users worldwide amplifying your authority as a trustworthy performance specialist and increasing your business opportunities.

Act now and gain the advantage of becoming the first HUBDYNO® dynamometer owner in your business region before any of your competitors.