Change visitor typeThe Turn-key HUBDYNO

All systems are supplied as turn-key. That means that all parts necessary to operate the system are included in the package and that it is tested complete before being shipped to or picked up by the customer.

A 2WD system includes:
  • Two HUBDYNO® dynamometer units on wheels.
  • One Dyno Control Unit, DCU on wheels. Housed in a steel cabinet where you find:
    • an un-interruptible power supply (UPS)
    • a real-time dyno controller
    • a rack mounted PC with dual flat-panel monitors
    • a colour ink printer
  • One Typhoon Cooling Unit™, TCU on wheels.
  • Standard accessory kit.
  • Cabling and hoses. Dynamometer cables with heavy-duty industrial connectors are attached to the cabinet which also has a cable hook for convenient storage of the cables while not in use. Oil hoses with self-sealing industrial quick couplings are attached to the Typhoon Cooling Unit™ and can effortlessly be rolled up for ease of transportation.
A 4WD system further includes:
  • Two more HUBDYNO® dynamometer units on wheels.
  • One more Typhoon Cooling Unit™ on wheels.

In many countries it is illegal to waste water or connect the public water supply to any industrial process that may contaminate the water. This includes using public water supply as a source of cooling fluid. The HUBDYNO® by Rototest comes with an ingenious patented solution that uses the energy absorbed from the vehicle to drive fans (an environmentally friendly re-generative process) which provides a completely air-cooled solution that helps preserve our world’s precious water resources.


Sticking out your head through the window while travelling at 100 mph will give you the same experience as standing in front of one of the monstrous Typhoon Cooling Units™, TCUs that are integrated with the HUBDYNO® dynamometer system. Its up to 150 bhp fan drive capability generates a non-divergent, completely straight air flow with a thrust equalling 160 pounds (700 N).


One of the benefits of having a hydraulically based system with an ingenious air-cooling method is that it has very small requirements on the test site in order to be operational. All that is needed is a flat surface and access to a single-phase 240VAC or 120VAC power supply, which can be a 12V inverter or a small generator. The benefits for you is not only that you can take it with you wherever your business goes but it also heavily reduces your installation costs as any building construction work can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Images showing typical test set-ups. Systems shown are ROTOTEST VPA-R and ROTOTEST VPA-RX systems.