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While other dyno solutions are perceived as boxy, bulky and heavy weight designs, the HUBDYNO® by Rototest offers a solution in complete contrast. The dynamometer is a very sleek, easy to handle, lightweight solution that will make you wonder how anything else would even be considered.


All ROTOTEST® dynamometers are test vehicle friendly thanks to the special features of a Perfect Dynamometer Connection™, PDC system. High precision wheel adapters and adapter hubs, combined with high precision wheel nuts and bolts assures that run-out is kept to an absolute minimum. The PDC together with an Advanced Dynamometer Suspension™, ADS, system with coil-over shock absorbers, guarantees a stable and low vibration testing environment. In contrast to traditional roller-type dynamometers the operation of the HUBDYNO® by Rototest is completely Tyre Safe™ - no risk of tyre blow-outs and tyre warranty problems. The car is fully supported by the dynamometer and needs no "strapping" to be kept in place. As the dynamometer units have a three wheeled design and a self-adjusting, pivoting ability it allows the car’s suspension to operate in a free and natural way during tests. The clever frame design of the dynamometers also allows for non-dangerous change of steering angles while under load. The low inertia of the system further ads to the test vehicle friendly solution by lowering the stress on the powertrain and allowing un-intentional application of the car brakes without causing a catastrophic scenario as could be the case with high inertia or roller-type systems.


The ROTOTEST® Chassis Dynamometer Control System is a multi processing computer system utilizing distributed intelligence by industrial network technology. It has been developed over the last two decades to fulfil all demands for fast response, accurate control, safety and endurance. It incorporates an extensive real time diagnostic and fault tracing system for supervision of the dynamometer system, this to minimise overhaul and service costs. The HUBDYNO® by Rototest has lent the unmatched control algorithm from its industrial counterpart, the ROTOTEST® dynamometer, and includes the control strategy of Model Predictive Control with Adaptive Feedback. The patent pending Rototest technology for accurate modelling of tyre-to-road interaction, Natural Torque Distribution™, is built-in on the HUBDYNO® by Rototest (basic mode only). It is a necessity for accurate and safe control of modern powertrains with computerized differentials and "intelligent" 4WD systems.