Change visitor typeThe HUBDYNO Heritage

Many dynamometer manufacturers may claim their products to be the original design or that they are the inventor of the concept. In our case it is merely a fact. The HUBDYNO® by Rototest is a modern concept but originates from and share basic design principles with the first commercially available hub coupled dynamometer that was applied for Swedish patent in the early eighties. More than 25 years ago. It was later introduced under the ROTOTEST® flag in 1991 and the concept has been under continuous refinement ever since. Rototest’s product line today includes two series of hydraulic dynamometers and one series of electrical dynamometers. Rototest’s on-going research in the hub dynamometer field has resulted in several new patents and pending patents on breakthrough technology innovations. Innovations that enable us to provide you with even smarter and more productive test equipment solutions.


The HUBDYNO® by Rototest is built with equal quality practice and detailed precision as its industrial counterparts but has been stripped from functionality that are seldom used by professional workshops and performance specialists. This has been done in order to live on the industrial heritage, of the ROTOTEST® line of products that are targeted for engineers in Research and Development, but allow most small and medium sized companies worldwide to benefit from this technology at an affordable price level, the HUBDYNO® by Rototest.


The principal idea of Rototest’s products has always been to provide the best available equipment to give the user the ability to conduct true measurements™. We have never promoted or manufactured any roller-type or non-calibrateable dynamometers that we have to defend and argue for. And our measurement principle has been proven and proven again over the last two decades to assure that our customers do not have to worry about any hidden skeletons when buying a dynamometer system from us. Rototest’s dynamometers have over the years grown to be the Best Known Practice for Powertrain Measurements.

Those familiar with engine dyno tuning, adapts to the way the HUBDYNO® by Rototest operates in a matter of minutes. The reason being very simple: The direct coupled dynamometer behaves and operates as an engine dynamometer although it has been designed and optimised for the speed and torque not seen on the flywheel but at the drive wheel hubs. With our many customers working in different application areas we receive different opinions of which specific feature of their dynamometer they value the most. A few of those are:
  • Besides being a very good tool for applying loads to the car’s powertrain in various forms, it is also provides true measurements™ that you can feel confident with.
  • The HUBDYNO® dynamometer has slip free connection between the wheel hubs and the dynamometer units, making it safe and reliable.
  • Its negligible inertia and ultra high speed control system allow instant re-run of test points and minimal non-productive and costly wait states.
  • Its portability and patented ingenious solution of handling the absorbed energy and transforming it into cooling head wind for the vehicle. This unique feature allows it to be set-up almost anywhere. Whether it is a move to a new facility, a remote demonstration event or an on-site customer project.