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Specification overview

Maximum system performance
Power (maximum absorbed/generated)
Momentary (50/50 split)
Continuous (50/50 split)
200-780 kW / 268-1044 bhp
200-400 kW / 268-536 bhp
Torque (maximum absorbed/generated at hubs)
Momentary (50/50 split)
Continuous (50/50 split)
+/- 4400-7800 Nm / 3245-5753 lb-ft
+/- 2360-3840 Nm / 1741-2832 lb-ft
Speed (maximum hub speed)
Continuous +/- 2100-2700 rpm
Vehicle speed (equivalent, wheel dia 650 mm)
* = may be limited by continuous power
250-320 km/h / 155-195 mph
Measuring accuracy
Torque uncertainty < 1% of measured value
Speed uncertainty 0.1 rpm
Measurement repeatability < 0.05%

System details

Main parts
Dynamometer units 2 axles of Energy
System Central Unit 1 of SCU4E with Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS
Main Power Unit 2 or 4 of MPU with Drives, Converters and main supply connectors
Standard accessories kit included, contains
  • Operators PC, monitor & keyboard
  • Electrical cables (excluding power supply)
  • Torque rod for calibration
  • Wheel Adapters, 4 stud
  • Wheel bolts M12x1.5 bolts
  • User and service manual (English)
Test modules
Constant Speed included, System controls speed to a pre-set value independent of load
Road Load Simulation included, Simulates on-road conditions, considering vehicle inertia (mass) and resistance caused by aerodynamic drag, tyre rolling resistance and road gradient
Test modules
ROTOTEST Calibration Report included, Documents all details relating to calibrating procedure

Test cell (site) requirements

Installation type above-ground, completely on-wheels, manoeuvrable by a single person
Additional cooling None (regenerative / air-cooled)
Maximum axle load 3500 kg
Operating environment
Ambient temperature range +15C to +40C
Relative humidity 10-90%, non-condensing
Altitude < 1000 m above sea level
Electrical power supply
Control system (SCU) single, 1 phase, 240 VAC (8A) or 120 VAC (16A)
AC drives / motors 4 x 400 VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 phase

Options & accessories

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