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ROTOTEST® Energy™ Rental. At times when no funds are left in the budget, testing resources are overbooked, project deadlines are approaching fast or breakdown of existing equipment has occurred, would it not be convenient to be able to increase the resources there-and-then and not have to miss those critical deadlines or spend valuable time traveling to other locations to use someone else’s resources? With the ROTOTEST® Rental solution testing resources can be expanded on-site during peak periods without the hassle and awkwardness of traveling to other sites or lengthy budget negotiations for purchase.

Advantages of ROTOTEST® Energy™ Rental

Financial benefits of ROTOTEST® Rental include:
  • Rental costs can be borne by project budget
  • Simplifies budgeting with predictable costs
  • Capital does not have to be tied up due to peak periods
  • Rental costs may be discounted at purchase
Utilizing ROTOTEST® Rental has many advantages which includes:
  • Save time and money by conducting the R&D in-house.
  • In-house is always more information secure.
  • Rent with or without data acquisition system, ROTOTEST® Datacq™ and ROTOTEST® Datmon™.
  • Availability with lower operating costs
  • On demand testing resources suitable for the project at hand
  • Try-before-buy of a true measurement™ ROTOTEST® Energy™ system minimizes uncertainties of purchase.
  • Use in existing test cells, anechoic chambers, climatic chambers, wind tunnels, etc.
  • Low installation costs
The ROTOTEST® Rental solution is installed within days:
  • Fast R&D access - up and running day 5
  • Unpacking and set up time is less than 3 days for a complete 4WD system and less for a 2WD system.
  • One day of training, one day of practice with supervision, full testing productivity day five.
  • Installation requirements
    • A flat floor
    • Plug-in power requirements from 2 x 400 VAC 125 A
General terms

Delivery time* 3 to 6 months
Rental period 18 to 36 months
Un-packing and set up time 3 days
Training 2 days training included
Operator On request

Shipping Included (system transport optimized)
Packing Delivered in special re-usable packing boxes
Installation/test site requirements According to Rototest installation guide

Please contact a member of Rototest sales team for further information.

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* Delivery time may vary with demand. ROTOTEST Rental is currently available in Europe and North America.