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Cost effectiveness

COST EFFECTIVENESS is the relation between monetary inputs and the desired outcome. While the acquirement of a test system is generally regarded as a substantial investment, the ROTOTEST® Energy™ dynamometers offer much more cost-effective solutions than what is possible with traditional test systems. Incorporating unique qualities such as lower initial investment, low requirement on infrastructure, great flexibility and unparalleled productivity ensures that an optimum result can be achieved to less expenditure.

Small investment

  • Low purchase price for a complete turnkey automotive test system compared to other professional test systems.
  • Low installation costs compared to other professional test systems thanks to low requirements on infrastructure.
  • The ROTOTEST® Energy™ models only require floor space and electrical power supply. Commonly, existing buildings can be used without modifications. The electrical power, generated by the dynamometer, can be used by the optional ROTOTEST® Storm™ head wind fan to generate a huge environmentally friendly head wind.
  • All ROTOTEST® dynamometers have easy software integration with other automotive test systems.
An optional ROTOTEST® Storm™ fan can be used to create headwind for the test vehicle. It's both cost effective and environmentally friendly, as it is driven by power generated by the ROTOTEST® Energy™ dynamometers.

One system, many applications

  • The ROTOTEST® Energy™ dynamometer is a universal test system, for use in numerous applications within the automotive powertrain testing field.
  • Countless combination possibilities, 2WD, 4WD, 6WD, ROTOTEST® Energy™ with ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ and/or ROTOTEST® Drive™.
  • The ROTOTEST® Energy™ is an all above-ground dynamometer system completely on wheels. Since it is not fixed the dynamometer system can be transported between test facilities or laboratories when required.
  • A 4WD system can be used as two independent 2WD systems to double the availability.

Low usage costs

  • Only one operator is needed, in many cases only the test engineer.
  • An automotive test system with exceptional productivity thanks to functional design and software features. Simply invented for maximum productivity.
  • Low service and maintenance costs thanks to a design for maximum endurance and modularised components.
  • No tyre wear and damages during mileage accumulation tests.
  • Marginal energy costs for the operation of the dynamometer (regenerated drive, absorbed energy is fed back into the electrical network).
  • Ease of use keeps training short, only three days.
  • Payment options, rental or purchase.