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Fluid Mechanics Department

Thanks to its international development, Centrale Nantes now welcomes growing numbers of excellent students, researchers, and academics from partner institutions in more than 40 various countries.
ROTOTEST Energy 4WD system

The high quality of teaching and research - engineering training programmes, Master's Degrees and PhDs - is fully recognized by prestigious national, European and international institutions, particularly with 3 Erasmus Mundus Master's Degrees and various attractive scholarships.

Centrale Nantes fully takes part to the French and international industrial environment reinforcing and creating strong corporate partnerships with leading companies. The widespread recognition of the institution's programmes by industries and R&D organizations has enabled graduates to assume positions of responsibility in every sector - among them Aeronautics and Space, Automobile, Construction and Public Works, Electronics, Information Sciences, Mechanics, Nuclear Energy, Offshore Operations, the Oil Business, Scientific and Technical Research, Consulting and Banking.

Thanks to its several research and development agreements and its Industrial Foundation Chairs, like EADS Foundation Chair, Centrale Nantes is an innovative and competitive French School of Engineering.

École Centrale de Nantes