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March 2013

Plex Tuning An Inside Look

Plex Tuning's dyno room

In their quest to "Turn Tuning into Science", the Greek company Plex Tuning has chosen Rototest as their dynamometer supplier.

In Athens, Greece, overlooking the beautiful mountain range of Hymettus we find the home of the motorsport and performance electronics expert company Plex Tuning.

Plex Tuning develop motorsport performance electronics that combine high engineering quality with advanced functionality and ease of use. They started off as a high-end tuning shop 16 years ago, and whilst gaining more than 30,000 hours of tuning experience they have gradually moved towards the performance products and tuning tools business.

The team of Plex Tuning has a background in mechanical and electrical engineering with emphasis on motorsport electronics and industrial embedded systems.

When Plex Tuning chose Rototest as their dynamometer supplier in 2006 it was a decision that was built on a thorough study of pros and cons of what was available as well as own full-time experience of other suppliers, both hub and roller-type, from US, Europe and South Pacific. As the business grew and focus shifted to higher performance vehicles the 4WD system was upgraded with new control system and higher capacity in 2009.

ROTOTEST VPA-RX at Plex Tuning
If Plex Tuning were to choose the most valued feature of the Rototest dynamometer they would choose the measurement accuracy, emphasizing results reliability and repeatability. As the company strives to deliver as high quality as possible of their products accurate measurements are essential. Their customers are aware of this and appreciate it, which has set the company apart from competing tuning houses.

The load control of the dynamometer is rated by Plex Tuning as the second most valued feature. It gives them the capability to easily load the engine in all ways required to calibrate ECUs by simulating road conditions or performing normal step and ramp tests.

"Rototest is undeniably among the Ivy League of dynamometers, offering many advantages over other solutions", answers Ioannis Andrianakis, founder of Plex Tuning, to the question of whether he would recommend the Rototest dynamometer to others. "It is a high precision engineering tool that adds significant value to any serious tuner/engineer".

Plex Tuning Combustion Monitor
Today, although still a tuning workshop for select customers, their focus lies in creating the best electronic products available. Their product portfolio today includes a boost controller, individual cylinder knock detection tool and a portable combustion analyser.

The products can be used on almost any make or type of internal combustion engine, as well as motorcycle and marine powertrains. The main markets being Europe, US and some APAC markets, but is expected to grow to include Africa and Middle East by the end of the year.

Plex Tuning in action
"Our inspiration is to Turn Tuning into Science by developing products that are easy to use, yet advanced to enable engineers and tuners take their practice to the next level", says Dimitris Andrianakis, sales and marketing manager at Plex Tuning. "We are already working on new products that will be announced end of the year, and we also focus on improving our existing solutions even further."

Products / Services provided by Plex Tuning include:

  • PBC Pro Boost Controller next generation electronic boost controller that comes with an integrated air fuel ratio display
  • Plex Knock Monitor - a professional knock detection tool that identifies knock per cylinder
  • Plex Combustion Monitor - a portable combustion pressure analyser and data-logger specially designed for high-end tuning
  • Research & Development (HW & SW) - fully equipped R&D labs contain all resources required to provide outsourced product development
  • Consulting & Testing in-house Rototest 4WD VPA-RX dynamometer and advanced instrumentation
More information regarding Plex Tuning's products and services can be found on their website