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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering have a wide variety of facilities where students can develop their practical experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The dedicated and professional staff, have developed an excellent laboratory infrastructure to provide practical exposure and experimentation covering the latest technologies. Modern multi-media instruction technologies are used to enhance presentation quality and ICT applications have been integrated into all programmes.

The programmes offered by the department include a considerable practical component. The facilities are available on a daily basis and laboratory assistants are present to assist students with their practical work.


NMMU Annual Review 2011

A section in the Annual Review of 2011 features the department's brand new Rototest dynamometer. Praised by director of the School of Engineering as giving opportunities for world-class engineering. It is the first of it's kind at a university in South Africa. Due to the high-speed capabilities of the dynamometer, the department wishes to help the automotive industry in development and tuning of cars.

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