Change visitor typeROTOTEST VPA-RX Chassis Dynamometer - What it can do
The ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ can be operated in several different test modes. The main test modes being:
  • Constant speed - Keeps a constant speed (rpm, mph, etc). The throttle adjusts the torque. Used for ECU calibration (fuel mapping, ignition timing), comparison of manufacturer specifications, etc.
  • Constant torque - Keeps a constant torque. The throttle adjusts the speed.
  • Sweep - Accelerates at a constant predefined rate (up or down) between two set points.
  • Road resistance simulation - Simulates road resistance caused by aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance and incline.
  • Active Inertia™ - Simulates real-world accelerations defined by inertia, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.

Additional, specialized test modes include:

  • Different wheel speed - Controls the speed of each wheel independently.
  • Different wheel torque - Controls the torque of each wheel independently.
  • Traction simulation - Simulates different traction on predefined wheel.