Change visitor typeROTOTEST VPA-RX Chassis Dynamometer - Why a ROTOTEST?

Why make a substantial investment in a true measurement™ ROTOTEST chassis dynamometer?

  • With sponsorship follows demands for victories.
  • The business is production of racing cars for demanding drivers.
  • Present company strategy is to take a business move, up to professional racing business.
  • The company marketing strategy is to announce the production of superior racing cars, with powertrain performance facts, based on true measurements™.
  • In all professional racing R&D projects there have to be possibilities to compare track test results from the racing cars with laboratory measurements.
  • Care about customers tires and safety is a company policy.
  • To use the most productive, true measurement™ chassis dynamometer in the market is a company strategy for growth and prosperity.
  • Easy change between 2WD and 4WD testing is a company claim for productivity.
  • Investments in heavy electrical supply or cooling water supply are not in the budget.
  • The most prestigious chassis dynamometer in the world has a function in the business plan for enhancement of the company trade mark.