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Today's automotive industry is subject to many regulations and requirements. Growing environmental demands and requirements for high performance, maximum efficiency, low noise, and outstanding quality put extreme demands on test equipment. Many of these factors are difficult to evaluate using traditional chassis dynamometers. The slip-free ROTOTEST Vehicle Performance Analyser provides a true solution to these problems. With the ROTOTEST VPA-RX dynamometers it is for the first time possible for professionals outside the automotive manufacturers to afford and use - a respected automotive state-of-the-art test- and measuring system.

  • Image booster - A ROTOTEST VPA-RX system within a test and R&D organisation is a sign for testing quality and automotive knowledge, which in turn will boost the companyís image.
  • All in one - A complete dynamometer system for both steady state and dynamic measurements during specified acceleration rates [rpm/sec] and/or during road load.
  • Turnkey - All Rototest dynamometers are designed by automotive R&D professionals for automotive R&D and tuning professionals and are delivered as turnkey to maximize productivity.
  • Future safe - A dynamometer system is usually seen as a long-term investment. Rototestís dynamometers are future safe by design by operating within physical and scientific rules for accuracy.
  • World-wide respected - By utilising the best measurement accuracy on the market, the ROTOTEST VPA-RX dynamometer system is able to produce world wide respected performance graphs (wheel- power and torque).
  • Flexible and Compact - A flexible and compact designed dynamometer for maximum user productivity.
  • Short setup time - Less than 5 minutes setup time for a 2WD system.
  • Upgradeable - The dynamometer series VPA-RX is not only upgradeable from 2WD to 4WD but also to higher capacity models, making it an investment to grow with.
  • No installation - Above ground turnkey system with the only requirements being a flat floor.
  • Air-cooled - To minimise installation costs and maximise portability ROTOTEST VPA-RX dynamometers are basically air-cooled, but with additional water-oil-cooling possibilities for stationary use.
  • Low maintenance - The use of industrial heavy-duty parts gives a dynamometer system with low to non-existent maintenance costs.
  • Cost effective - Instant conversion of two 2WD ROTOTEST VPA-RX dynamometers to one 4WD chassis dynamometer.