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Rototest Research & Development Centre
Rototest R & D and demonstration centre, a 15 000-square-foot facility, is located 10 km south of Stockholm, Sweden.

The Rototest company

Founded in Sweden, January 1988, Rototest was established by a group of engineers with solid experience in product development in the Swedish truck industry.

Founded Sweden, 1988
Ownership Privately held (Swedish)
Headquarters South of Stockholm, Sweden
N 59° 12.209'
E 17° 44.898'
Sales 90% export

The company's first years were devoted to intensive development and testing of the original and patented, unique and innovative hub type chassis dynamometer ROTOTEST® APG™ (Automatic Performance Gauge).

Since then, Rototest has evolved into a global test system supplier with a reputation and quality recognised by its eminent customers. With an ongoing dedication to improve the technology and a wholehearted belief in the value of long-term R & D investments, Rototest's experienced team, knowledgeable in both product development and testing techniques, constantly works to improve designs. That intensive R & D work during recent years has resulted in multiple new patent pendings and/or registered patents.

Rototest is owned and operated by its management. Detailed and active participation by the owners provides the customer with a contact point and a management overview of development and production programmes. Rototest's management is always available and participates in key programme milestones when appropriate.

As it was in the beginning, Rototest's company culture is one in which full employee participation is encouraged. The company pursues a policy of recruiting the best thinkers, building a deep pool of talent in the process. Once part of the team, Rototest's employees are encouraged to innovate, share ideas, and work together to propel the company into the future.

The ROTOTEST® chassis dynamometers, sold by the company's own sales organisation, has won great approval over the years and is today used by renowned companies like Adam Opel, DE, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), DE, Daeki Faurecia, Dongwon Precision, KR, EMCON (ArvinMeritor), CN, FIAT Auto, IT, GKN Technology, UK, General Motors, SA, SAAB Powertrain, SE, KIA Motors, KR and MAHLE Powertrain (Cosworth Technology), UK and Andretti Green Racing, US.

Thanks to the dynamometers versatility they are also in use by prominent academic institutions such as Ecole Centrale de Nantes University, FR, Nelson Mandela University, SA, Linköping University, SE, OULU University, FI, Tampere Polytechnic, University of Applied Sciences, FI, University of Bradford, UK, University of Eastern Finland, FI and University of Glamorgan, UK.

The Rototest sales organisation is now carefully expanding (beginning in 2010) to include a worldwide re-seller network.

The introduction of the ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ (2006), electric ROTOTEST® Energy™ (2007) and the hydraulic HUBDYNO® by Rototest (2010) together with their rich model ranges, has allowed the ROTOTEST® chassis dynamometers to become the ultimate choice. Not only for the automotive industry but also for universities and semi-industrial companies (SMEs), where financially strong performance specialists and race teams are adopting the ROTOTEST® technology. This to overcome the challenges of the ever increasing complexity of today's powertrains, regardless of propulsion technology (conventional combustion engines, electrical motors or hybrids).